“Every design has a story, what matters is how it makes you feel.”

In addition to being a product obtained with technology, Modern Furniture expresses the blending of emotions. All the details are carefully processed, and the feelings should not be lost when it comes to production from design. The important thing is not to produce too much, it is that there is no difference in quality between one and a thousand of the produced pieces. We built our production facility to these standards.

We are building the future with our 25,000 m2 integrated production facility, which has a modular and wooden furniture production capacity of over 500,000 m2 per year, and half a century of industry experience.

We know what you want and we continue to produce for this.

Designing, drawing, painting and many processes are reflections of love for us. You can see that we express how much we love our work in every product process we produce.

The combination of wooden details and modular production technology is the basis of our philosophy in the successful R&D studies carried out by our product design center integrated into industrial production, 365 days a year.

The fact that our products serve you for many years is due to the importance we attach to durability. When in-product areas of use are combined with design and functionality, we see the indescribable happiness of living with them.

Robustness and functionality are our priority and your lifestyle.

The important thing for us in the products we produce is the palpable quality, the reflection of this feeling on the customer makes us the reason for preference and our quality is registered. Besides saying the quality, we know the importance of registration.

We export 70% of our production capacity to 60 countries.

The important thing for us is not only to be a reason for preference in our own country, but also to win the love of people all over the world. We thank all the people of the world for giving us this love.


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