“Every design has its own story the thing is though, what it makes you feel.”

Besides being products that are made using technology, they express the blending of feelings. All details are selected and shaped carefully. It’s not producing in big amounts thats important, the important thing is that there should be no difference in quality between thousand products. We built our production facility based on these standards.

We build the future with our integrated 25.000m2 production facility which has over 500.00 m2 modular and wooden furniute production capacity and experience of a half century.

Knowing what you desire, we continue to produce always renewing ourselves.

Designing, drawing, painting, and many other processes are reflections of passion for us. You can see how much love we have for our work in all details of our products.

Merger of wooden details thanks to our successful R&Ds that our desing center which is integrated to the industrial production we have carries out 365 days a year and modular production technology forms the basis of our philosophy.

Unique usage of space inside our products combined with design and functionality will encircle you in happiness.

Durability and functionality are our priority and your life style.

We know the importance of registering the quality besides telling about it. Our priority for our products is feelable quality, reflection of this feeling to the customer makes us preferred and this way our quality is registered.

We export 70% of our production capacity to 60 countries throughout the world.

Its not that being the choice of our home country that matters, what matters is to be able to earn the trust and love of the whole world. We thank everyone for this joy.